New Road Corridor Master Plan

Lewes, DE



New Road, designated as a Delaware Byway in 2015 as part of the Historic

Lewes Byway is an important gateway from the Coastal Highway to the City of

Lewes. A Corridor Management Plan (CMP) was prepared for the entire Historic

Lewes Byway in 2015. The CMP recognizes the need to retain the overall

character defining features of the New Road corridor including its farms,

forests, wetlands and tributary streams.


However, growth and change are accelerating in and around the City of

Lewes. Land use and transportation changes are being proposed throughout

the corridor, some of which are imminent. Two large properties, the Groome

Church property and Brittingham Farm are currently entering the development

process. DelDOT is developing plans for a grade separated intersection for SR

1 at Minos Conaway Road with modifications proposed for New Road that may

change travel patterns on New Road. DelDOT is advancing a project to realign

Old Orchard Road at Wescoats Corner. Several large privately owned tracts are

likely to be developed over the next few years.



The Historic Lewes Byway CMP calls for conceptual master plans for each of

the three entrance corridors that are part of the Byway. The master plan is

needed to coordinate and guide land use and transportation projects to help

retain the character defining features of the corridor while making the most

efficient use of public and private investments. A master plan was funded

and completed for Kings Highway and Gills Neck Road in 2016 and is currently

being used to guide land use and transportation decisions in a coordinated


Similarly, the goal for the New Road Corridor Master Plan is to coordinate

public investments and private actions throughout the corridor to guide

land use and transportation decisions in a coordinated way. The planning

process envisioned for the master plan recommends the formation of an Ad

Hoc Stakeholder Committee to identify issues, review preliminary plans and

proposals, and provide input and comments on the draft plan. This ad hoc

committee has been organized with representation from a broad range of

interests along New Road including conservation, owners of large land parcels,

neighborhood organizations, businesses, and developers.

The schedule at the right provides an overview of the eight month planning

process including three meetings with the Stakeholder Committee (SC).


Funding for the New Road Master Plan has been graciously provided by Senator

Lopez and Representative Smyk. All the stakeholders along New Road express their

appreciation for the assistance in this important project.



The purpose of this web page is to provide easy access to resources, presentations, meeting notes, draft and final reports utilized in the conduct of study.


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Meeting #1: August 22, 2018





Meeting #2: October 24, 2018






Public Meeting #1: November 27, 2018



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