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Nachusa Grasslands Visitor Use Plan

The Nature Conservancy

Franklin Grove, Illinois


The reintroduction of bison in the landscape has resulted in an increase in visitation at the Nachusa Grasslands Preserve, a 3,000-plus acre preserve in Lee and Ogle Counties, Illinois, owned and operated by The Nature Conservancy.  L/KLA lead a team of consultants--Design Management Architects, Wendler Engineering, and Signature Design--to develop the conceptual design and construction drawings for a visitor pavilion.  The design incorporates interpretive panels and stone seat walls; associated parking; paths; a composting toilet; a hand pump for water play; a shelter; overflow parking; three shoulder pull-offs; and additional roadside parking areas.  The project is currently under construction and is projected to be completed by fall of 2017.

Please click here to read A Conversation with Landscape Architect Elisabeth Lardner article on TNC Web site Please click here to read Nachusa Grasslands Visitor Pavilion Development article in the Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Newsletter (3/17/16) Featured in ASLA Magazine's November 2015 Issue page 164, The Bison Begin Again By Timothy A. Schuler

Concept model of the Visitor Pavilion; northwest view

Concept model of the Visitor Pavilion; southeast view

Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

Prince William County, VA


The Neabsco Creek Boardwalk Crossing is a critical linkage of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail connecting Rippon Lodge and Rippon Landing Park with the Metz Wetlands.  It will also provide opportunities to link nearby neighborhoods with Neabsco Creek and with each other. The boardwalk crossing will become a regional destination for wildlife viewing, outdoor education and nature appreciation for all ages and abilities.


The boardwalk will provide significant educational opportunities for students ranging from pre-K to graduate school–telling the story of the ebb and flow of Neabsco Creek and its inhabitants through the day, the month, the year, and over our lifetime and beyond.  Landing areas at each end of the boardwalk are designed to include orientation space suitable for a classroom with staging areas near each landing to accommodate school field trips. A floating pier at the south landing will allow students of all ages to get up close and personal with the aquatic life of Neabsco Creek.


Permitting for the Boardwalk included a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (FEMA), NEPA, USACOE, and various state and local regulatory approvals.  The 3,200-linear foot boardwalk is designed for all ages and abilities and includes two long span crossings of Neabsco Creek, five additional short span crossings of tributaries, two landings, an observation deck and water level platforms for classroom use.  Construction is scheduled to begin in fall of 2017.






Conceptual rendering of Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

Rendering of Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

Conceptual rendering of Neabsco Creek Boardwalk landing

Rendering of Neabsco Creek Boardwalk landing

Please click here for the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk Prospectus

Sumner Campus Redevelopment

Bethesda, MD


As a project subconsultant, L/KLA developed the integrated campus landscape architecture plan and a signature entry design for the multi-year redevelopment of the historic, 30-acre Sumner campus in Bethesda, MD. The team composed work from multiple, ongoing SATOCC Building Task Orders into a comprehensive long-term campus redevelopment plan that recognizes operational budget limitations and is considerate of the capital program. Planning efforts include the integration of historical building friezes removed during demolition, presentations to and interactions with the neighboring community and the successful incorporation of security and accessibility constraints. The multi-phase implementation strategy is integrated with the multi-year campus building program. Elisabeth Lardner was recognized as a key team leader and “go-to” consultant; entrusted with primary client liaison during regulatory reviews, community design development meetings and owner/client design reviews.


The Potomac River palisade setting is reflected n the concept plan which integrates landscape amenities with stormwater management best practices, incorporating the working landscape with the aesthetic landscape. It presents a coherent, attractive, aesthetically pleasing and engaging campus environment respectful of operational needs and secure space requirements.

Drawing of the Master Landscape Plan for Sumner Campus in Bethesda, MD

Concept plan for Sumner Campus Redevelopment in Bethesda, MD.

Kings Highway and Gills Neck Road

Master Plan

Lewes, Delaware


L/KLA was tasked with developing a conceptual master plan for Kings Highway and Gills Neck Road in Lewes, Delaware. The two routes are key gateways into the City of Lewes and

are part of the Lewes Scenic and Historic Byway, a state designated scenic byway. The Lewes Scenic and

Historic Byway Corridor Management Plan (CMP), approved by Delaware’s Secretary of Transportation in

2015 and Sussex County Council in 2016, was created to guide growth along the corridor and to assist in

preserving and enhancing significant natural and historic resources. The CMP process identified “guiding

land use change to preserve character” as the overall emphasis for Kings Highway and Gills Neck Road.

The master plan provides a comprehensive overview of design concepts in relation to roadway

improvements and desired roadway character that reinforce the community’s desired vision. The plan also

identifies the coordinated public and private actions necessary to achieve the desired vision and character.





Please click here for Kings Highway and Gills Neck Road Master Plan on DELDOT's Web site

Concept drawing of proposed improvements at the intersection of Kings Highway and Gills Neck Road, Lewes, DE.

Concept plan for a proposed roundabout at Dartmouth Drive and Kings Highway.

Simpson Park Playground + Passive Lawn Renovation

City of Alexandria, VA


L/KLA redesigned the existing playground and passive lawn at Simpson Stadium Park in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.  The project entails the reshaping of existing pedestrian circulation paths and street connections; opening up and re-grading the passive lawn for more usable space; incorporating natural play and updating play equipment; developing a planting plan including additional shade trees and a children's garden; and generating a design scheme that will allow for multiple-generation and inclusive passive and active recreation.  Public art will be integrated in the design with the inclusion of the artist team May+Watkins Design; this collaboration of design consultant and artist is an unprecedented approach by the City of Alexandria. Construction documents were completed in summer of 2017, and the project will be constructed in 2018.


Please click here for the Simpson Park + Passive Lawn Renovation City of Alexandria project web page

Conceptual rendering of the gateway entrance on East Duncan Avenue, at the northwest corner of the Park.

Concept #2 of 3 presented to the community for feedback on May 25, 2015.

Enhancing Bicycling and Walking on Maryland's Scenic Byways and Main Streets



The best practices included within this guide are designed to help those agencies and organizations that are looking to increase multi-modal access to recreation-, nature- and heritage-based travel experiences using Maryland’s system of scenic byways as the organizing spine of those activities. To accomplish this goal, byway sponsors and their partners must overcome some significant issues and challenges that have, in the past, prevented them from accomplishing greater multi-modal connectivity for leisure travel.

This best practices guide is intended to provide information to communities and the designers that they work with on how issues associated with increasing bicycle and pedestrian use of scenic byway corridors (including heritage areas and Maryland Main Streets) can be addressed without detracting from their nationally and regionally significant scenic and historic character defining features.



Context map for the Livability Plan for Utah Scenic Byways

Utah's Scenic Byways draft Context Map

Best practices guide concept plan for connecting Brunswick, Maryland with the C&O Canal Trail across MARC railroad tracks

Watkins Regional Park Master Plan
M-NCPPC, Prince George's County, MD


The Maryland-National Capital Park Planning Commission selected L/KLA and team consultants to prepare a master plan for Watkins Regional Park located in Upper Marlboro, Prince George's County, MD.  Park inventories and analyses, facility and maintenance surveys, staff interviews, public meetings, and on-line surveys will provide direction and perspective in solidifying a framework and vision for the park.  Areas of focus include park circulation, parking, revenue and use analysis, park amenities and siting, events and programming, inventory and protection of natural resources, and infrastructure needs.  A final plan will be completed in fall of 2017.


Draft inventory of existing parking spaces and pavilions at the park ballfields.

Town of Rock Hall Waterfront Master Plan



Rock Hall’s waterfront is a treasured place in the hearts and minds of many residents and visitors to the area. Many have spent most of their lives there, working the water to make a living. Others know it for the famous Fourth of July fireworks, its Pirates and Wenches Weekend and New Year’s Eve celebrations.


The purpose of the Town of Rock Hall Waterfront Master Plan is to help guide future changes to enhance waterfront areas while maintaining the strong sense of place that makes Rock Hall’s waterfront unique and special. The plan focuses on the currently zoned Maritime Water Dependent (MWD) and Maritime Commercial (MC) districts located roughly between Walnut Street and Chesapeake Avenue. The plan also addresses the linkages to and from Rock Hall’s Main Street and other nearby attractions and services.


The overall goals of this grant-funded project are:

• To develop strategies (Action Plan) for the retention and expansion of water-dependent businesses;

• To identify options for expanding waterfront access to working watermen, visitors and Town residents alike; and

• To evaluate the compatibility and suitability of existing and proposed land uses, infrastructure, facilities and services.




Please click here for the Town of Rock Hall Waterfront Master Plan

Riverside Park, Lynchburg, VA

Phase 1 Renovations














Please click here for the Phase 1 Renovations Ribbon Cutting News & Advance article May 19, 2016

City of Alexandria Open Space Master Plan

2017 Updated Implementation Strategy

A Plan for Action 2016-2017















Please click here for the 2017 Updated Open Space Master Plan Executive Summary March 2017 draft

California Historic Route 66

Corridor Management Plan














Please click here for the California Historic Route 66 Corridor Management Plan Adopted May 2015

Strategic Livability Plan for Utah's Scenic

Byways and Backways Program














Please click here for the Utah Scenic Byway Program project Web site

Maple Ave Commercial Corridor

Zoning Code Update

Vienna, VA














Please click here for the Town of Vienna Maple Avenue Vision MAC Ordinance Adopted October 2014 Maple Avenue Presentation slide from a presentation to the Vienna Town Council

Fort Ward Park & Museum Area

Management Plan














Please click here for the Fort Ward Park and Museum Area Management Plan Adopted January 2015

Anacostia Riverwalk Trail - Kenilworth Segment

Washington, DC & Maryland

Cover page of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Corridor Management Plan Please click here for the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail - Kenilworth Segment DDot Project Web site

Bayshore Heritage Byway

Corridor Management Plan, NJ














Please click here for the Bayshore Heritage Byway project Web site Cover image of the Bayshore Heritage Byway

Journey Through Hallowed Ground


Cover page of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Corridor Management Plan Please click here for the Journey Through Hallowed Ground project Web site

Walton Road Historic Byway

Cumberland Plateau Region, TN










Please click here for the Walton Road Historic Byway project Web site Cover page of the Walton Road Historic Byway Corridor Management Plan

Rappahannock Station Battlefield

Fauquier County, VA

Cover page of Rappahannock Station Battlefield Interpretive Master Plan Please click here for the Rappahannock Station Battlefield Interpretive Master Plan project Web site

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